Governments, real-estate developers and architects will benefit massively from visual communication of planning, designs and infrastructure in past, present and future.

Benefits and opportunities:
- Communication and information tool towards inhabitants, government agencies and businesses.
- International awareness through Google Earth's global attention.
- Keep urban planning up to date in Google Earth using Microsoft Project or other planning software.
- Tourist information in Google Earth.
- Urban planning visualization in Google Earth or in 3d animations.
- Present your plans using 3d animations or visuals to clients and planning commissions.
- Show potential buyers and investors your property.
- See what your design does to the surroundings and communicate the impact using visual media to speed up the decision and design process.
- Shadow studies.

Google Earth screengrab. Urban planning in Google Earth
Animations. Visuals.
Shadow studies. Visuals.

Texture resolutions. Left: Google Earth resolution. Middle: Normal, as seen throughout this website. Right: Full resolution, also suitable for eyelevel walkthrough animations and virtualizations. Click here for a higher resolution image.